By precision grinding of Curvic Coupling, there are a big contact area occurred after meshing to be higher hardness of the tooth surface and end therefore by transferring bigger torque to increase the wear-life and be better stability of the production.

Because of the contacting surface of the Curvic coupling is the concave- convex shape, there is the arc surface stress instead of a point or line’s position, so there will not occur the appearance just like the corner chipping , edge breaking, vibration from one way up-warp.

There is the centrifugal force occurred during high rotation speed however as the concave arc tooth can pick up inside to equip with higher rotate speed as well as increase the speed.

The production can center automatic automatically with high precision which can divide the complex massive structure into a few simple parts to be convenient to the designing, manufacturing, assembling and maintaining as well as reducing the weight and the boundary dimension, therefore which was widely used by the aerospace Companies and institutions of Europe and America developed countries.

The application area of XiongMing’s production is as bellow:

1, The precision index location: servo or oil pressure tool turret, rotating table, universal cutter head, robot, soft unit professional machinery equipment etc.

2, High speed huge twist institution, air-turbine motor, locomotive nuke industry pump, centrifuge turbo -compressor, heavy loading helicopter etc.

In the major project, CurvicCouplingwith other kinds of combining means:

1,Compared the thermal expansion with end face 1 contacting style: it is very trouble in installation and maintenance.

2, Comparison of contacting way between bolt and end face tooth: smaller contacting area with worse precision and there will occur deformation according to the shear force when the bolt received bigger stress which can make the chain reaction to less the working life particularly changing the equilibrium thence

to come into vibration and danger under the high speed torsion.

3, The deference between keyway connection and end face arc shape tooth:

Small contacting area in torsion, shear force easy occurs in part with worse positioning precision so not suitable to the production of big torque and high precision.

4, Contacting way compared the between the “Hirth Coupling” and “Curvic Coupling” of Xiongming’s:

1) Smaller contacting area with worse hardness of the tooth face and tooth end.

2)Under the high rotation speed, the “Hirth Tooth” can not overcome the centrifugal force better and inferior to the “curvic-coupling” in speed up.

3)When the monolateral against the axial force, the “Hirth Tooth” is easy to cocking up and there will happen a change in the force bearing point in the dynamic balance so the vibration and abrasion occurs easily.

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