All the “Hirth-coupling” of our company were produced according to high precision. The number of tooth is 4-720 pieces and the outer diameter is 20-1300mm, also can be processed as the special requirements of client’s.

Circular arc end tooth coupling can be divided by two kinds, one is straight tooth (vulgo called “Hirth”) and another one is called “double curved surface arc end face tooth” (normally called “Cirvic-coupling) which is mainly used on the batch-type location just like the high precision locating and high rotation speed torque.

For example, the machine tool blade spire, rotating table, robot joint, Medical Devices and big high rotation speed centrifugal compressor rotor with lobed wheel, gas turbine corona, aero turbine engine, high-power engine, high power gear case, navigation propeller turbine blade, high speed locomotive bogie hollow shaft as well as the big high rotation speed device etc.

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