In the aero-engine ,In the aero-engine, on the connection part between compressor rotor with turbine rotor was completed by arc end-tooth and transferring to the torque.  On the end surface of the centrifugal compressor rotor, there are the arc end tooth. This arc end tooth was developed by US “GIJL SON” company in 1942, since that time which was begun used widely and popularized step by step in aero-engine as well as the other industry in the developed countries just like European ,American and Japan. The feature of which is provided by accuracy of mesh and perfect self-centering to transfer bigger torque and can divide complex entirety construction into a few simple construction to be convenient for designing and manufacturing and assembling.

This product has been recommended and applied widely in the territory just as space flight and aviation , high-speed locomotive,

naval vessels ,high speed locomotive, tank, airplane, energy, machine…etc, also which will guide the filed just like the space flight and aviation, ships, advanced auto, advanced motorcycle, energy, large-scale haulage motor and the other emerging industry.

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