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 Xiongming mechanical equipment (shanghai) company limited possess his own 2 research institutes abroad and 3 real enterprises producing high-end product and has international research and development as well as sales team.

 As there were some technology bottleneck in China we are positive in producing the relevant high end product accordingly as well as research and development to fill the relative margin domestic. In the meanwhile to service the worldwide purchasing among the transnational corporations we have been trying our efforts in improving production and services.

Our production normally include the following contents:

1,Unmanned aerial vehicle and specialty flying control system、AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)、Intelligent robot、Multipoint monitoring system、Fire alarm system in special place and Mini type business plane… etc.

2、The core device of project haulage motor、Upright plunger pump with accessories、Slewer as well as the special reducer with knowhow… etc.

3,High-end machine tool parts: Side milling power head、High-speed motorized spindle as well as Mini servo blade-spire and so on.

 Our production have been put into use widely in aerospace、 power source、geological examination、security、aerial photo、Project motor and high end machinery tools etc. It will be very appreciated the partners with sincerity and substantial join us to establish a win-win strategy alliance for our seeking in our bright future!

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