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XiongMing Aviation Industry(Wuhu)Co.Ltd is a professional manufactyring enterprise producing precisiontransverse tooth, also the only domestic enterprise that can design and producethe transverse tooth of straight gear, circular-arc gear and sector gear.

In order to promote the applicationof transverse tooth in aero-engine, gas turbine, nuclear industry pump, railwaylocomotive, vessel and precision machine,  in April 2016, weestablished the XiongMing Aviation Industry (Wuhu) XiongMing located in Wuhu aviation industrial industrial park in Anhuiprovince, covers an area of 62 mu(about 41,333.54 square meters) with buildingarea of 14,000 square meters. We plan to invest 500 million yuan used for researchand development of precision transverse tooth and precision aviation components.Now a lot of grinding equipments and high-precision checkout equipments havebeen put in. After completion of the project,  the annual productioncapacity is expected to be 500,000 and the output value can reach 300 millionyuan per year. We are committed to make the company into two business cards——the business cards of precisiontransverse tooth and precision processing in the aviation industry.

At present, we work withsome heavyweight customer representatives such as Rolls-Royce, SAFRAN, SCHOTT AG,MAZAK, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd., China ShipbuildingIndustry Group Co., Ltd., ENN Group and so on. In 2018, we won thesecond place of Wuhu high-level talents team, and the first place in thenational innovation and entrepreneurship competition in the aviation field.

We are also activelyestablishing a close and long-term relationship with overseas partners, promotingthe three-dimensional cooperation in horizontal and vertical, so that the productsand enterprise have stronger competitive power and get more development space inthe international arena. All we do is to  truly achieve the internationalization in theaspects of products, talents and brand, meanwhile, achieve enterpriseinternationalization ultimately.


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